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QUESTION: Why is there now rarely any local jobs in the Bridlington Free Press ?

ANSWER: Because most of the town's employers advertise online at Bridjobs !

The seaside town of Bridlington offers you a variety of recruitment, career & training opportunities, most now promoted together here in one place online & from the St John Street office location, which is open Monday to Friday: 10am-4pm.

Bridlington was a borough before the Norman Conquest. As with the rest of northern England however the town suffered from the ravages of the Normans decreasing in value from 32 in the reign of Edward the Confessor, when it formed part of the possessions of Earl Morcar, to 8shillings (40p) at the Doomsday survey, a figure of around 15 times less today's minimum wage per hour!

Divided into two parts - the ancient market town lying about a mile from the coast - and also Bridlington Quay, although today the town is one. The port developed by exporting and importing many goods including coal, wool, grains and cheese. Following the arrival of railway and road links however, the shipping trade declined. The growth of seaside tourism then boomed and is still a very important part of the local economy.

Despite massive changes in fishing patterns over recent years, Bridlington is today proud to be the largest crustacean port by volume and value of landings in the UK and Europe, exporting a variety of shellfish internationally, including to the Orient.

As the town continues to grow, with the implementation of the AAP (area action plan) we will see up to 200million spent on the development of a new shopping district, known as Burlington Parade, plus additional town centre parking, a new public square and a remodeled Gypsey Race Park, as well as a long awaited Marina and the creation of around 1,900 new jobs (information source Bridlington Free Press 6th December 2012).

2007 brought the first business grant for this jobsite. As part of the 'Opportunity Knocks Project' we were awarded an Encouraging Entrepreneurs Business Development Grant, the finance from which was used on an extensive marketing campaign to promote the added value this site was bringing to the recruitment industry in the region. 2015 sees our advertising portfolio pricing structure, remain at the same level of fees to employers, for a record breaking 10 years :

'the best value recruitment advertising money can buy'

The reasons behind the creation of this site were for economically promoting the current local jobs created by regeneration, plus tourism and business expansion, along with those spawned by the natural growth of the town. Bridjobs has very quickly become the most collective portal for recruitment for the whole East Yorkshire region, including bringing together 95% of all vacancies currently available in and around Bridlington for the very first time - at a price everyone can afford. Many of the alternative advertising mediums are purely profit driven, charging extortionate rates for promoting your vacancies. Now there is another way.....

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